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About US

Shampoo and related hair care products command a considerable market share both in Canada And around the world. In Canada alone, the sales range between 1 and 2 billion dollars per year. The opportunities for distributors, wholesalers, and retailers to market a brand of shampoo under their own name is immense. New trends in this growing field include organic shampoo, ethically sourced ingredients and oil-based products to name a few. Partner with Wilson’s to develop a new and unique product for your customers.

Supplying cleaning products is now more important than ever before due to the situation we are all facing. Established in 2009, Wilson Chemical has been manufacturing and supplying companies with reliable industrial cleaning products to help establishments stay safe and clean. Since then, we’ve expanded rapidly as (a progressive manufacturer of industrial cleaning, products, personal care, detergents and more) and we’ve been a reliable source for products that do their job well and even exceed expectations.

What Sets Us Apart

Why Wilson Chemical? There are certainly other cleaning product manufacturers in Canada, but how we differentiate ourselves is the (hands on customer experience we are able to provide. Even for something as seemingly “simple” to many as soap, it’s important that they establish clear communication with our customers in order to ensure their needs are met every time. Because we supply industrial and commercial clients, it’s especially important to us that we work closely with the people we serve in order to ensure our product meets and exceeds expectations.

Wilson Chemical Innovation Inc., produces a variety of company brands as well as private brands as per customer requirements. From small volumes to large, we can accommodate your needs. But manufacturing is not our only strength, our customer service is second to none. Whether it is an enquiry, product consulting, or samples it is always free and friendly!

In addition, we supply partners whether they are close to home or international which allows us to meet the needs of as many customers as possible whilst maintaining the quality they expect. And because we are able to serve many customers, the feedback we receive is testament to our ability to not only make claims about our products and customer service, but act on them.

  • Quality(Good Manufacturing Practices)
  • Reliability(Our word is our bond)
  • Communication(Quick and Responsive)

These 3 qualities are the foundation of our beliefs which has served our own community and our international partners alike. Contact us if you have any questions or want to get in touch with us for cleaning products for your business.



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