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An Expert Guide on the Differences Between Bar and Liquid Soap

You might think that soap is soap, whether bar or liquid. Well, there are several differences between the two. If you own a private label company that currently offers soap to customers or want to add it to your product lineup, make it easier to choose the right source among the best bar and liquid soap manufacturers to help with your brand.

Remember, most soap manufacturers in Canada produce both bar and liquid formulas. However, the goal is to select one that specializes in custom products for private label companies. You’ll end up with a more innovative product that helps your products stand out.

Key Differences


The most significant difference in soap manufacturing is the ingredients that soap manufacturing companies in the GTA use. For example, they make bar soap from lye, scientifically called sodium hydroxide. They also produce liquid soap from a different type of lye known as potash or potassium hydroxide. Along with that, there are detergents.

Soap manufacturers in Canada often use surfactants that come from a chemical found in plants. Consumers like these synthetic detergents because they’re what make suds. On the other hand, some manufacturers make soap-free soaps. With a low pH level, they’re ideal for facial soap products.

One of the best soap manufacturing companies in the GTA will formulate a product for your private label company based on how consumers use the product. You see, bar soap contains glycerin, which helps the skin trap moisture. So, if you want something that moisturizes and hydrates, you should consider a bar instead of liquid soap.

Even with different ingredients, the products that top bar and liquid soap manufacturers make work in much the same way. In other words, they’re equally effective.


Perhaps one of the more interesting facts is that bar soap usually lasts longer. The reason is that the amount of liquid soap the average person uses is six times greater than they need.

pH Level

Comparing the two products that bar and liquid soap manufacturers make, liquid products usually have a lower pH level. This is an important factor. The reason is that the higher the pH level, the stronger and harsher it is. For skin, the best soap should only have a pH level between four and five.

All Natural

Today, an increasing number of consumers want natural or organic products, including soap. It’s important to work closely with one of the leading soap manufacturers in Canada that can accommodate to capture a corner of this market. Some of the best sources customize soap products using herbs and plant material that’s effective yet easy on the skin.

Let Us Make an Amazing Product for Your Company

At Wilson’s Chemical Innovations Inc., we can develop a unique product made just for your private label company. You tell us what you want, and we’ll oblige. As one of the most respected soap manufacturers in Canada, we won’t disappoint.

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