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Avoid Mixing These Incompatible Cleaning Chemicals Together

When you mix products that don’t blend well, it results in nothing but disaster. The effects of playing chemist can be dangerous, from toxic fumes to smoke reactions.

Most private label cleaning products come with warning signs and labels. Combining products without proper caution and knowledge may also produce mild skin reactions.

Here are some household cleaning products that you should never mix-

1.Bleach and Alcohol

Bleach and alcohol are a potent mix that can knock you out within seconds if inhaled. Even small quantities can cause fumes that might lead to nausea and dizziness. At high exposure levels, such chemicals can damage the nerves, lungs, and liver.

2. Bleach and Vinegar

As a standard rule, don’t mix bleach with a powerful cleaning agent, such as vinegar or baking soda. When combined with vinegar, the reaction releases chlorine gas—any exposure to the toxic gas results in breathing problems. Even in small quantities, the combination of vinegar and bleach is hazardous. It also causes your eyes to burn, a sensation that lasts for long periods.

3. Ammonia and Bleach

Bleach and ammonia, when mixed, form chloramine. Both products together make a dangerous combination that results in various respiratory problems. Both cleaning products require a lot of ventilation when working with either one.

Even a passive combination can make you feel sick. Toxic vapours also cause your throat to burn and may cause chest pain and breathlessness.

For this reason, you shouldn’t mix bleach with:

  • Floor wax and wood polish
  • Kitchen and drain cleaners
  • Bathroom and toilet detergents
  • Multi-surface glass cleaners

4.Vinegar And Hydrogen Peroxide

A mixture of vinegar and hydrogen peroxide creates peracetic acid. This toxic compound gets easily absorbed through the skin. It is a corrosive acid that damages the mucous membranes of the mouth, throat, esophagus, and lungs. Since most products contain hydrogen peroxide, make sure you read all the ingredients listed on the label of your cleaning product, including white label chemicals.

Find More Effective Cleaning Solutions

When dealing with stubborn stains, it’s common to try alternative methods. But mixing different cleaning products without reading the label is a terrible practice. Products like degreasers, detergents, and harsh bathroom cleaners don’t mix well.

Mixing these cleaning agents is simple, but what follows could endanger your wellbeing and surroundings. Some combinations may cause mild itching or burn in your eyes, but others could affect your lungs or cause nausea.

Always rely on a professional if you’re looking for effective cleaning solutions. Get in touch with Wilson’s Chemical Innovation Inc. We have a vast collection of white-label chemicals and cleaning materials. As leading private label chemical manufacturers, we can engineer a cleaning formula that best fits your needs. For custom-made private label cleaning products, talk to us today!

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