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Chemicals Used in Oven Cleaners

Most people have no idea about the types of chemicals in oven cleaners. However, they do know that when used correctly, these products make the task easier. For your private label company, it’s essential to work with the right oven cleaning chemicals manufacturer. That way, you can provide your customers with products that work. The best source can also customize cleaners.

Cleaning a dirty oven is the one thing that most people dread. Scraping off old food particles is terrible enough. Even worse is eliminating oil and grease. The good news is that a reputable oven cleaner manufacturer in Ontario formulates products for optimal performance.

Common Chemicals Found in Oven Cleaners

Below are substances that a conventional oven cleaning chemicals manufacturer uses for this product. This manufacturer can modify the formula to make the product smell better or work gentler.


This type of organic chemical has similarities to various alcohols. For this reason, the leading oven cleaning chemicals manufacturer in the GTA often includes it in its formula. Without the ability to hydrogen bond, ethers work great at dissolving grease. However, they’re also highly effective at cutting through waxes and resins.

Caustic Soda

Also referred to as sodium hydroxide, this chemical is among the most commonly found in oven cleaners. When mixed with water, this alkaline substance produces an exothermic reaction. That, along with a high degree of corrosivity, allows it to cut through grease easily.

Ethylene Glycol

When an oven cleaning chemicals manufacturer uses this substance, consumers can expect incredible results. Many people recognize this as the primary chemical in antifreeze. However, it’s also beneficial in oven cleaning products. In particular, it’s an excellent grease-cutter.

Methylene Chloride

This is something that an oven cleaner manufacturer typically includes in its formula. Due to its power and effectiveness, it is used in a variety of products. As for oven cleaners, this chemical quickly and effectively strips away layers of stubborn grease and grime.

Don’t Overlook the pH Level

The most respected oven cleaning chemicals manufacturer in the GTA emphasizes the importance of having a product made with the right pH level. For oven cleaners, the manufacturer will keep it between 11 and 13. Ultimately, this enhances the product’s effectiveness.

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