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Choose the Right Degreaser for Specific Cleaning Needs

Degreasers are cleaning agents that remove grime, dirt, and oil from surfaces. Such cleaning agents are common in commercial and industrial environments.

A reliable degreasers manufacturer in Ontario can offer a range of cleaning products. Different kinds of degreasers can address various industrial issues. Industries like automotive, food processing, agriculture, and chemical plants use industrial-grade degreasers.

But finding the right kind of degreaser isn’t easy. You may need specific cleaning solutions. Learn about factors to consider before choosing one for your business needs.

How to Pick the Right Degreaser

Degreasers remove oily residue and grease from hard surfaces. Made from either artificial or natural ingredients, degreasers are available in different types:

Heavy-Duty Degreaser

Such degreasers are ideal for cleaning engineering depots, factories, and manufacturing units. It has a robust composition that removes challenging stains and decontaminates surfaces that are hard to reach. For instance, you can use this degreaser to remove a sooty residue that hampers your machine’s performance.

Butyl Degreaser

Such degreasers are milder in form since they’re composed of water molecules. For instance, you can use a water-based degreaser to clean petroleum deposits like motor oil. These products can remove lubricants and other greasy stains from automobiles. They are one of the best penetrating solvents that isolate the oil from the liquid and dissolve it.

Biodegradable Degreaser

Such degreasers contain plant derivatives, so they’re healthier for the environment. Unlike chemical degreasers, this variant includes non-hazardous ingredients. It can degrade easily without harming the water supply or soil surface. It can also clear away soot, mildew, oil stains, and other milder gunk.

Before settling on a degreasing chemical manufacturer, here are a few factors you need to consider:

  • Dielectric strength— If you work with powered equipment daily, check the degreaser’s dielectric strength. Consider one with a high value that doesn’t impact your machinery or the circuit when used. It should withstand a large amount of magnetic force before its insulation properties break down.
  • Flammability— Some degreasers are flammable with high alcohol and hydrocarbon content. They catch fire without proper ventilation, like when they’re used in welding. A non-flammable degreaser is less expensive and safer to use. High flash points make it less likely to combust in ideal conditions.
  • Compatibility— Check how the degreaser reacts with plastic or rubber. Parts like gaskets and seals may swell, shrink, or crack otherwise. This is because an incompatible degreaser can soften the material. For this reason, you should test the degreaser on different surfaces before using it.
  • Ecological concerns— While dealing with different degreaser suppliers, check the ingredients and labels. Degreasers that release toxic compounds are an environmental risk. For this reason, many industries prefer degreasers free from high GWP (global warming potential) materials.

Find the Right Degreaser Supplier in Ontario

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