Cleaners and Degreasers When to Use Each

Cleaners and Degreasers: When to Use Each?

Do you often have trouble choosing the right cleaning agent to use? For instance, do you know when to use a cleaner and a degreaser? If you don’t, you’re not alone.

The best degreaser suppliers can help determine what product suits your cleaning needs after an inspection. Knowing which product to use (cleaner or degreaser) results in an effective cleaning job.

Here’s everything you need to spot the difference.

Cleaner vs. Degreaser: What Do You Need?

Many consumers need clarification on degreasers and cleaners, which can make cleaning more difficult. A degreaser is a specific chemical product that can remove oil debris, unlike a general cleaner. Only all-purpose cleaners can remove grease from a surface.

There’s a simple science behind the way degreasing agents work. The pH level of industrial cleaners determines their effectiveness and application.

A lower pH indicates more acidity in the cleaning solution, while a higher pH number means a more alkaline solution. Solutions that lie in the mid-range are neutral. To remove grease, the most effective mixture is an alkaline-based cleaner. They can break down fats and proteins faster and easily remove caked-on grease.

Degreasers and cleaners are aqueous solutions composed of sequestering agents, surfactants, and alkaline builders. They work on the same chemical principle.

These products feature a long hydrophobic chain attracted to oil and grease. The hydrophobic chain surrounding the hydrophilic chain dislodges the oil particles from water.

When should you use a degreaser?

Degreasing chemicals are powerful cleaning agents used across all manufacturing sectors, including automotive, pharmaceuticals, aerospace, and marine industries. Designed to remove grease spots, lubricants, and caked-on food, degreasers also prevent food contamination.

Popular types of industrial and commercial degreasers are:

  • Neutral green degreaser
  • RTU degreaser
  • Floor degreaser
  • Industrial degreaser
  • Oven degreaser

There are two ways to apply a degreaser on a surface:

  • Submerge the object that needs cleaning in a mixture containing water and a degreaser.
  • Spray the degreasing product on the surface that needs cleaning.

What is the use of all-purpose cleaners?

All-purpose cleaners are neutral, scoring between 6 and 8 in the pH range. They are best suited for cleaning dusty or dirty surfaces. While degreasers can clean greasy surfaces, many all-purpose cleaners cannot.

But unlike degreasers, neutral cleaners are safer for your workspace as they leave behind less waste.

Which cleaning supplies to order?

If you need to know which cleaning product to choose, we can help!

Wilson Chemical Innovations can offer excellent advice and various options as a leading degreaser supplier in Canada. Our expertise in chemical manufacturing in Ontario extends beyond development and formulation.

All our products are high-quality, ethically sourced, and practical, ideal for various industries across Canada. We can custom manufacture degreasing chemicals based on your cleaning needs and the industry you serve.

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