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Chemical Blending

At Wilson Chemical, we are a chemical blending company who have long prided ourselves on being able to creatively modify the chemical compositions of our cleaning solutions.  Once modified, we use these raw chemicals to create entirely unique cleaning products.

Whether we are blending 100 liters to 30,000 liters, we offer custom chemical blending services to provide customers with countless variations of our cleaning solutions.  Once we have the formulas designed and finalized, we maintain them for future production as needed.

For some customers this might mean working with concentrates of our cleaning brands.  We transport the concentrate to the customers site where they reconstitute the product when it arrives.  Shipping a concentrated mix helps to save money on the shipping costs.  We can blend both liquids and powders and provide an exhaustive list of options about packaging and other custom possibilities.

Toll Blending Services

At Wilson Chemical we provide toll blending services.  This service is provided to companies that have complex chemical formulas and require their solutions to be properly mixed and processed into their final product.  Also known as custom mixing or toll manufacturing, this service is growing in popularity.  It allows those companies with unique formulas the ability to send their materials and processing instructions to a specialized company for packaging, production, and delivery.

Benefits of Toll Blending

So many modern chemical solutions require specialized resources and equipment to properly mix them in-house and it can be cost prohibitive for many companies.  It is a simple cost-effective solution to have your chemicals blended for you.  Here at Wilson Chemical, we are a toll blending company offering this helpful service to companies looking to cut costs in production.

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