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Creating degreasing chemical solutions for various industries is one of the specialties at Wilson Chemical.  We understand the chemical makeup of various degreasing products and utilize them to our advantage to make some of the most widely used chemical cleaning solutions in the industry.  We are a private label degreasing chemical manufacturer that offers various companies the ability to make their own cleaning solutions.

Customizing Degreasing Chemical Solutions

As a private label degreasing chemical manufacturer in Ontario, Wilson Chemical is able to customize various aspects of our degreasing chemicals.  Simply by altering some of the mixes of the chemicals, we can alter the way it works to meet our customer needs.  By producing degreasing chemicals with differing alkaline and acidic characteristics, it increases the applications for our products.  We can also vary the PH balance to allow the chemicals to become either more or less acidic.

What Industries Utilize Degreasing Chemicals?

There are many uses for degreasing chemicals across numerous industries.  They provide an excellent solution for removal of grease and oil from various surfaces.  Our degreasing products can also be used for the removal of tough grit and grime.  Some of the most common industries that use degreasing chemicals are below:

  • Product Distributors
  • Janitorial Retailers
  • Restaurants
  • Product Wholesalers
  • Transportation
  • Automotive

Here at Wilson Chemical, we are a degreasers manufacturer in Ontario that can provide various packaging options to meet our client’s needs.  Integrating customer slogans, signage, logos and brands we are able to create private label solutions for their cleaning needs. If a white label solution is more to their liking, we can provide that as well.

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