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Private Label Descaling Cleaners Manufacturing

Wilson Chemical has great descaling cleansers which are multipurpose and multi-surface cleaners specially formulated to cut through lime, calcium, dirt, soap scum, and hard water deposits in various applications.

Descaling cleaners can be used on a variety of different surfaces found in the kitchen and bathrooms or various industrial surfaces.  As a descaling cleanser manufacturer, Wilson Chemical has produced customizable descaling cleansers for use in many industries.  While they are multi-surface cleaners, they are meant to be used on industrial tubs, ceramic tiles, porcelain, refrigerator doors, sinks, toilet bowls, white grout, fiberglass and restaurant countertops.

What Industries Benefit from Descaling Cleansers?

While descaling cleansers can help keep water pipes from becoming clogged with lime and calcium deposits, they can do so much more.  They help remove hardwater stains and calcium deposits quickly and easily, leaving the surfaces looking clean and shiny.  There are so many applications for descaling cleansers across multiple industries.  While it is an excellent multipurpose cleanser, made to be used on multiple surfaces, it is most widely used on a regular basis in the industries below:

  • Janitorial Retailers
  • Restaurants
  • Automotive
  • Hotel Cleaners
  • Universities/Colleges
  • House Cleaning Businesses

While we at Wilson Chemical are indeed a descaling cleaner manufacturer, we offer more than just cleaning compounds.  We also provide different packaging options to meet our client’s needs. We are more than capable of creating the packaging companies need including customer slogans, logos, signage and branding if needed.  We can also offer a white label packaging solution as well.

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