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Here at Wilson Chemical, we are a private label floor cleaner manufacturer, specializing in floor cleaner customizations for various applications.

How Do Our Floor Cleaners Work?

We add the most important component of any floor cleaner which is a surfactant.  These are chemicals which are more properly known as surface active agents.  Without this chemical component, a floor cleaner is widely ineffective as a cleaning solution.  By adding a surfactant, it changes the chemical composition of water and allows it to spread evenly, effortlessly across surfaces.  This, in turn, allows our cleaners to penetrate and lift dirt from the floor.

As a private label floor cleaning liquid manufacturer, we alter the chemical makeup of our floor cleaners allowing us to:

  • Vary the fragrance of the floor cleaner
  • Vary the colour of the floor cleaner
  • Alter the applications
  • Add specific enhancements to the floor cleaner (shiny vs. regular finish)
  • Vary the floor cleaner concentration

Who Uses Private Label Floor Cleaners?

  • Janitorial/Custodian Suppliers
  • Floor Cleaning Service Providers
  • House Cleaning Services
  • Floor Cleaner Distributors
  • Floor Cleaner Wholesalers

At Wilson Chemical we offer various private label solutions complete with company logo and slogan.  If a white label solution better serves our clients, we are more than willing to provide that as well. We pride ourselves on being the best custom floor cleaner manufacturer for all your floor cleaning needs.

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