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How to Choose the Right Degreaser for a Restaurant’s Kitchen

If you’re dealing with slippery floors and greasy appliances each day, your kitchen needs some deep cleaning. Grease stains, if left unchecked, become a safety hazard for your restaurant’s kitchen. It leaves your kitchen looking messy, but it also jacks up operational costs. This is why it’s important to select a suitable degreaser for your commercial kitchen. Doing so will make it easier for the cleaning staff to maintain your kitchen under a budget.

When looking for degreaser suppliers near you, you have to choose the best. Here’s everything you need to know about commercial degreasers.

Choose the Right Degreaser for a Restaurant

When you ignore the mess in your kitchen, you’re putting your business at risk. Nobody wants to eat food that’s coming out of an oil pit. Ensure the health and safety of your customers and staff with a quality degreaser.
Degreasers are cleaning solutions you can use to remove dirt, grime, and grease stains. Maintaining hygiene is essential for a kitchen at a luxury hotel or a small restaurant.

The best degreaser can work on various surfaces, including floors, walls, countertops, and under the stove. Choose either a ready-to-use dilated or concentrated solution.

Pick the Right Formula

Depending on the chemical composition, there are different kinds of degreasers. Each is effective for a specific purpose. Consider a residue-free compound that requires less maintenance and effort.

Using a degreaser with a residue-free formulation keeps the surface clean for a long time. It doesn’t attract dirt or contaminants. Your degreaser should also not cause any metal discoloration. For this reason, use a safe solution that doesn’t leave behind any residue.

You can also opt for a degreaser that has a high evaporation point. Such a degreaser has high-traction properties. Such products ensure the surface evaporates after a wash. Besides minimizing water loss, it also reduces the risk of slip-and-fall accidents.

Types of Degreasers

Once you’ve decided on the formula, it’s time to choose between water-based or solvent-based degreasers. The former removes hard residue and leaves behind toxic fumes that are harmful to inhale. The latter reacts faster and emulsifies the grease from the surface upon contact. Other types of degreasers are:

  • Petroleum-based degreasers
  • Foam-preventing degreasers
  • Liquid-based degreasers
  • Plant-based degreasers
  • Ammonia-based degreasers
  • Powder-based degreasers
  • Concentrated and Diluted Solutions

You can either buy a diluted degreaser or a very concentrated form. With a concentrated solution, you can adjust the concentration level based on your convenience. You add water to the solution for a diluted solution and effect. Based on the kind of residue you’re dealing with daily, you can create a solution that removes the stubborn stains.

Surface Compatibility

This is another factor you should consider when picking a degreaser. For your restaurant’s kitchen, you need water-based solutions. The best degreaser manufacturers will tell you that water-based are safer to use on stovetops.
Acidic cleaners will remove the polish from the surface with each rub. This degrades the quality of your appliances. In this case, a water-based solution is also a better option since it’s less likely to catch fire.

Give Your Restaurant Kitchen a Quality Finish

When looking for a kitchen degreaser, you have to invest in the right product. You need to think about safety and quality and address environmental concerns to do this.

Make a list of top-rated degreaser suppliers in your area and compare every quote you receive. Select a degreasing chemical manufacturer in GTA that complies with industry norms. Additionally, check for commercial licenses and certifications before settling on one.

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