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How to Choose the Right Degreaser for Your Commercial Kitchen

In commercial kitchens, it’s common to find greasy areas. That includes countertops, equipment, shelving, on products, in and around stoves, and on floors. The good news is that a reputable degreasing chemical manufacturer can create a fantastic product that streamlines the degreasing process.

Making the Right Decision

It’s essential to eliminate greasy messes inside commercial kitchens. The primary reason is that it dramatically reduces the risk of fire. However, it also enhances a kitchen’s functionality and efficiency. Employees can do their jobs without worrying about slipping and falling or having to clean grease while they need to be preparing food. There’s even the compliance factor to consider.

Knowing why a degreasing product is so important is one thing. Choosing a degreaser manufacturer in Ontario would be best to create a locally made, robust and cost-effective product. By selecting the right manufacturing company, you can have a custom degreaser made for your private label. Not only can you provide your customers with an excellent degreaser, but they’ll also quickly recognize it as coming from your business.

Tips for Selecting an Excellent Product

The first step is to choose a reputable degreasing chemical manufacturer in the GTA. With that done, you can feel confident the finished product will meet your standards and expectations. As part of the selection process, you want to ensure the manufacturer has specific capabilities for the different topics mentioned below.

  • An Effective Formula

Just because a degreasing chemical manufacturer makes outstanding claims doesn’t mean its product is up to par. The formula involved plays a critical role in the product’s effectiveness as a degreaser. Beyond that, the proper manufacturer can customize how a degreaser works.

For instance, the best degreasing chemical manufacturer in the GTA can create a formula that doesn’t leave any residue behind. It can also provide you with a fast-evaporating product, as well as a unique formula with high-traction properties for commercial kitchen floors.

  • Diluted or Concentrated Solution

Another factor to consider is whether you want a light or concentrated formula. Although both work incredibly well, both have unique characteristics. If a degreasing chemical manufacturer makes a diluted formula, restaurant staff can use it as is. In comparison, employees would need to add water to a concentrated degreaser.

  • Types of Degreasers

You’ll also discover that a top-rated degreasers manufacturer in Ontario produces different product types. Some of these have unique chemical properties, varying pH levels, and specific formulas based on the application. A general degreaser for a commercial kitchen has a low alkali level. On the other hand, a degreaser used to clean ovens has a high alkali level.

  • Safety Concerns

If you supply your customers with commercial kitchen degreasers, don’t overlook safety. For instance, degreasers with an oil base are flammable. For safety-conscious restaurant owners, a trusted degreasing chemical manufacturer in the GTA can create a “green product.”

Making Innovative Degreasers that Work

At Wilson’s Chemical Innovations Inc., we make top-of-the-line degreasers explicitly formulated for commercial kitchens. To discuss your needs, give us a call.

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