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How to Use a Commercial Oven Cleaner

Commercial ovens can keep a kitchen running for hours. Even a heavy-duty range requires frequent cleaning. This practice helps prevent the buildup of food particles, grease, and debris. But finding an oven cleaner specific to your needs is a challenging task.

With the right oven cleaner manufacturer, your commercial oven will consistently remain in top condition and function. Besides maintaining food quality, oven cleaners can also prolong the lifespan of kitchen equipment.

Here’s why commercial oven cleaners are essential.

Do You Need Commercial Oven Cleaners?

Commercial eateries need regular cleaning and maintenance since they’re always abuzz with activity. All commercial establishments must maintain adequate hygiene standards, whether pressure washing the floor or degreasing the stove.

Commercial oven cleaning is an essential part of kitchen maintenance. Many cleaning chemicals are engineered to remove dirt and grease from kitchen surfaces. The pH of oven cleaners depends on the nature of the solvent. These can range from highly reactive acidic cleaners to plant-based disinfectants.

If you need more time to supervise oven cleaning, hire a professional company to do the job. From industrial oven cleaning chemicals to commercial floor cleaners, pick a supplier with a broad range of cleaning products.

You can also enhance your oven cleaning efforts with these expert tips.

  • Schedule Daily Cleaning

Commercial kitchen ovens are exposed to heat, dirt, and grease regularly. But skipping a daily scrub isn’t a good idea if you want to cut maintenance costs. Consistent cleaning and sanitizing can keep your oven germ-free and adequately aerated.

Daily cleanings prevent cross-contamination and safeguard your equipment against corrosion. Making oven cleaning a routine reinforces hygiene standards.

  • Remove Excess Garbage

Crumbs accumulate inside commercial ovens daily. This waste product will only impact the food’s flavour if left unchecked. To avoid this, remove all the food debris from your commercial oven’s interiors.

  • Clear Out Oven Racks

You’ll often come across dirt and grime on oven racks. To remove the food debris, place the oven racks in soapy water. For clearing stubborn stains, use a wire brush or a degreasing solution for a quick and easy wash.

  • Attend to Oil and Food Spills

Even regular cleanings are no match for food spills. For this reason, you should train your staff to immediately clean up spills and messes. This practice ensures the mess is removed from the metal surface before it carbonizes.

Find Effective Oven Cleaning Solutions

Oven cleaning may not top anyone’s bucket list, but it’s essential to running a successful commercial kitchen.

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