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Know About the Various Chemicals Used in Oven Cleaners

Many places inside the home get dirty, but perhaps the worst of the worst is the oven. Especially if you enjoy cooking, it doesn’t take long before food drippings cover the bottom. Once dry, they’re challenging to remove. That, combined with grease spills, and you have a serious mess.

This grimy situation is why an oven cleaner manufacturer stays so busy making products that eliminate grease and sludge. No one wants to spend valuable time on their knees scraping out the inside of an oven. So, they head to the store and buy whatever product claims to work the best and fastest. That’s all fine, but have you ever considered the chemicals these cleaners contain?

Hard-working Chemicals

The truth is that a reputable oven cleaner manufacturer uses specific chemicals that work on hard-to-remove messes. Now, the exact formula depends on the company that makes the product. However, the best ones have the expertise to create a product that works effectively and fast.

The goal is to develop a chemical formula that gets the job done, so you don’t spend hours doing an unpleasant task. A few common chemicals that an oven cleaning chemicals manufacturer in Ontario includes are butoxydiglycol, sodium hydroxide, dichloromethane, and ethylene glycol.

Here’s a brief description of each to help you better understand why they work so well.

  • Butoxydiglycol – As a solvent, this chemical works as an excellent degreaser. That’s why
    it’s commonly found in oven cleaners. It can tackle small and large messes.
  • Sodium Hydroxide – This is both lye and caustic soda. Again, this is a chemical a
    conventional oven cleaner manufacturer uses to produce its products. Especially for stuck-on food,
    it can make any cleaning job more manageable.
  • Dichloromethane – This colourless liquid solvent is another chemical found in certain oven
    cleaners. A key advantage is that compared to other solvents, it has a higher solubility rate. That
    means once particles inside an oven separate, this chemical begins an evaporation process.
  • Ethylene Glycol – This is the same chemical found in antifreeze. However, when used as an
    ingredient in an oven cleaner, it is highly effective.

Like many other products on the market, not all oven cleaners are the same. So, it’s important not to get caught up in good advertising or marketing schemes. Instead, choose a reliable supplier of cleaning products that offers something unique. An excellent option is an oven cleaner chemical manufacturer in Ontario that creates innovative solutions.

When purchasing an oven cleaner product, the manufacturer lists the directions on the label. Following those will ensure the product works as intended.

Buying Products From an Oven Cleaning Chemical Manufacturer in Ontario

The right oven cleaning chemical manufacturer in Ontario can customize products based on customers’ specific needs and preferences. Turn to Wilson’s Chemical Innovations Inc. if you’re searching for a reputable oven cleaner manufacturer serving the GTA and Southwestern Ontario. We offer a broad range of cleaning solutions.

As master blenders, we create products that work amazingly well. Contact us today, and a company representative can answer all your questions and guide you through the process of selecting a perfect oven cleaner.

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