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Think about the number of cleaning products we all have in our homes. We have specialized cleaners for floors, countertops, bathrooms, and glass surfaces just to name a few.  That is a lot of chemicals on the premises.

Now think about businesses that have those surfaces in an office building or a manufacturing plant.  For certain surfaces it is completely unnecessary to have separate cleaners.  At Wilson Chemical, we are an all-purpose cleaner manufacturer who offers multi-purpose cleaners that reduces the need for many of those other cleaning solutions.  We offer anti-bacterial components with all of our multi-purpose cleaners.

What Types of Businesses Use ALL Purpose Cleaners?

Multi-surface cleaners can be used across multiple industries for any number of reasons.  It provides lowered costs because it is only a single cleaner rather than a mix of different ones.

  • Janitorial
  • Hotel Suppliers
  • Repackaging Companies
  • Product Wholesalers
  • Product Distributors
  • Industrial Suppliers
  • Automotive
  • Colleges/Universities
  • House Cleaning Services

As an all purpose cleaners manufacturer, we also offer numerous packaging options to suit any customer needs by incorporating their logo and company signage into all chemical containers.  No matter how intricate or complicated the design, we can easily apply it across all packaging.  If the client would rather have simple white label packaging, we are able to do that as well.  No matter the client’s needs we at Wilson Chemical—the best multi-purpose cleaner manufacturer in Ontario—are able to provide any and all packaging solutions necessary.

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