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While the terms soap and detergent are used interchangeably by most people, they can be quite different chemically speaking.  Soaps typically contain a mild acidity while detergents contain a mild alkaline.  A detergent is a chemical compound used to remove or break up grime or grease while soap is a type of detergent originally made from natural/green ingredients.  As an experienced detergent powder manufacturer, we keep these in mind and provide customized and high-quality detergent powder and liquid detergent to businesses.

Today, things have continued to evolve with  detergents being compromised of a mixture more green materials and less processed chemicals from a chemical plant.  They are typically in liquid or powder form rather than solid like traditional soaps.  As a detergent powder manufacturer and liquid detergent manufacturer, Wilson Chemical specializes in the customization of detergents for various applications.

What Are the Most Important Ingredients of Laundry Detergents?

The most important components are known as surfactants to make the detergents more effective and less harsh.  These are chemicals known as surface active cleaners.  Without them, a detergent becomes less effective in cleaning.

As a private label detergent manufacturer, Wilson Chemical is able to customize detergent compositions by varying the concentrations of specific ingredients to alter our products to meet our client’s needs.  By altering the chemical composition, we are able to:

  • Vary the fragrance of the detergents
  • Vary the color of the detergents
  • Alter the applications
  • Change the detergent concentration

Who Uses Private Label Detergents?

  • Commercial Laundry mats
  • Repackaging Companies
  • Product Distributors
  • Industrial Suppliers
  • Hotel Suppliers

At Wilson Chemical we are able to customize packaging for our customers.  We are more than capable of creating the packaging companies need including customer slogans, logos, signage and branding if needed.  We can also offer a white label packaging solution as well.. Whatever our customer’s needs we pride ourselves on providing the best detergent solutions available. If you are looking for private label detergent manufacturers, contact Wilson Chemical for high quality services.

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