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Shampoo and related hair care products command a considerable market share both in Canada And around the world.  With Shampoo Manufacturers in Ontario, Canada alone, the sales range between $600 million and 1.2 billion dollars per year.  The opportunities for distributors, wholesalers, and retailers to market a brand of shampoo under their own name is immense.  New trends in this growing field include organic shampoo, ethically sourced ingredients and oil-based products to name a few. Partner with Wilson’s to develop a new and unique product for your customers.

How does a Hair Shampoo Manufacturer Make Their Products?

Shampoo is created by combining a surfactant and a co-surfactant (the main ingredients) along with other ingredients to produce the finished product to the specifications of the distributors, wholesalers, and retailers.  This is a very a similar process to the creation of body wash and hand soap

In the past, shampoo manufacturers used basic formulations with very few supplemental ingredients.  Many competed with one another based on price alone.  Today, evident in any grocery store, is the myriad of shampoo with a varying degree of ingredients, features, and product benefits.  Present day consumers are eager to try new and unique products which presents a great opportunity for suppliers.

Our Clients

As a private label shampoo manufacturers our shampoo is for practically everybody. We serve all types of customers:

  • Personal Care Distributors
  • Industrial  Contractors
  • Retailer Providers
  • Buying Groups

Our private label shampoo customers expect Wilson Chemical to provide a product based upon their needs such as hair enhancement, hair softness, organic and ethically sourced, oil based, shininess or anyone needing to be supplied with a reliable product that leaves people feeling clean and refreshed.  We have shampoo that is designed for many people’s different needs whether they like a particular scent, color, or specific ingredients that cater to people with sensitive hair. We understand the level of reliability that people come to expect with shampoo products, allowing us to deliver great quality shampoo that does the job every time.

Wilson Chemical Innovations Inc. has formulated numerous hair shampoos over the years demonstrating our knowledge and expertise in this market segment. Our easy going, knowledgeable staff are always eager to work with new or potential customers. From the concept to the finished product, Wilson’s will develop a unique product and selling proposition for your business

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