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Private Label Skin Care Manufacturing

Now more than ever, it is important to wash hands on a regular basis.  At Wilson Chemical, we provide a variety of skin care products to not only thoroughly cleanse and sanitize the skin but also moisturize while adding a bit of fragrance to the experience.  We are a private label skin care manufacturer that offer solutions to businesses looking for private label solutions or white label options..

What Are the Benefits of Skin Care Products?

As we begin to learn how to deal with an anxious world waking up from the COVID-19 virus, it is important for everyone to remain diligent and continue to wash their hands with regularity.  We provide businesses with hand cleaning solutions that also include impressive skin moisturizers.  They provide an excellent moisturizer while it cleans and sanitizes. It is gentle enough to use multiple times a day without worrying about damaging skin.

Here at Wilson Chemical, we are a private label skin care products manufacturer but can also provide various packaging options to meet any of our client’s needs.  We are able to integrate whatever signage is necessary for customer slogans,  and logos to appear on their containers of choice.  They are able to market these products with their own brand on the packaging.  If the company would prefer a simple white label solution, we can provide that too.

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