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Liquid soap manufacturers are now more important than ever due to the current state of the world. Whether you need soap for your hands or bathing purposes, it is essential to have easy access to soap for cleanliness and safety which is why we are proud to provide to the community and contribute to the safety of everyone in these circumstances.

How do Soap Manufacturing Companies Create Soap?

Soap is made from a carefully selected group of surfactants and other essential skin nourishing components. These surfactants allow the soap to have its cleansing, foaming and moisturizing properties. They work together to eliminate dirt, grease, grime and bacteria from the skin. Other ingredients work to nourish and support your body’s biggest organ in the fight against germs and bacteria. Final adjustments can be customed tailored to your companies specific needs,

Private label soap manufacturers can create soaps for different types of purposes that include:

  • Personal Care/Personal Products
  • Janitorial Services
  • Automotive Distributors
  • Factory Equipment Suppliers

And various other industries that can benefit from a reliable, well-priced liquid soap product.

What Sets Us Apart From Other Soap Manufacturers in Canada?

Wilson Chemical has years of experience as a soap manufacturer in Canada. Each batch of soap is a proud reflection of our creativity, quality, and consistency. These principles are ensured by the exercise of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) which encompasses the Wilson family of products. After a soap is formulated and tested, our production team takes over and ensures the products are produced, bottled, labelled, and packed with the desires of our customer. All these quality checks and high-quality products set us apart from other soap manufacturing companies.

Along with production we can package the soap in a variety of different size containers from 250ml all the way to 1000kg totes. The packaging can be label and boxed according to your requirement. We are here to serve you, so let us know how we can help.

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