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The Chemical Formula for Making Soaps

Since the launch of liquid soap, it’s become the preferred choice for millions of home and business owners. It’s even more versatile when compared to its bar counterpart. That means when you work with one of the best soap manufacturers in Canada, almost anything’s possible.

Chemists refined the original formula that dates back to around 2800 BC. So, even the more standard way to make liquid soap yields outstanding results. However, because soap manufacturing companies are more innovative than ever, this creates opportunities for you.

Products Made by Soap Manufacturers in Canada

Surprisingly, the process of making soap is relatively easy. However, Ontario’s best liquid soap manufacturers can turn a simple formula into something amazing. That’s the very thing that will make your private label company even more successful. When you research different soap manufacturers in Canada, be sure to choose one that offers customization.

Fat and Oil Saponification

The saponification of fats and oils is perhaps the easiest way to make liquid soap. For this, soap manufacturing companies heat these two ingredients. At that point, they react against alkali. This process produces not only soap but also glycerin and water.


Soap manufacturers in Canada also use the neutralizing method. This starts by hydrolyzing oils and fats using high-pressure steam. During this step, the fats separate into glycerin and crude fatty acids. Then, the fatty acids go through a purification process. Finally, sodium hydroxide or some other form of alkali neutralizes the fatty acids.

Potassium and Non-Potassium Soap

Liquid soap manufacturers in Ontario can make soap with or without potassium. As expected, potassium soap contains potassium. As for non-potassium soap, chemists use a type of caustic soda called sodium hydroxide. While potassium soap is the more popular of the two, this is another option.

Antibacterial Soap

You can sell antibacterial soap to your customers, which is a hot item right now. For this, soap manufacturing companies use a somewhat different process. To add this to your private label company’s product lineup, be sure to work with an experienced chemical company.

Antibacterial soap must contain active antimicrobial ingredients. Without those, your customers wouldn’t get what they paid for. Also, this could create non-compliance issues. Even though you hired a chemical company to make the formula, a mistake could ultimately affect your business.

Benefits of Working with One of the Best Soap Manufacturers in Canada

You can get soap made in a myriad of colours, add any number of fragrances, and even have materials added. Some examples of the latter are leaves, seashells, coffee beans and other natural materials.

However, there’s an even bigger advantage of working with one of Ontario’s most respected liquid soap manufacturers. You’ll end up with a superior product that does what it’s supposed to do. In other words, your moisturizing soap will hydrate the skin. Your antibacterial soap will fight germs.

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