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Wilson Chemical has been involved with what is known as contract manufacturing since our inception.  Contract manufacturing is also known as toll manufacturing in some circles and involves the practice of hiring another company to produce a business’s products. Toll manufacturing enables small business people to sell their own products without having to invest in building and running a factory. The company typically provides a design or formula for the contract manufacturer to replicate or improve upon. The hiring company typically focuses on the marketing and selling of the products. When it comes to selecting an experienced chemical toll manufacturing company, Wilson Chemical has established itself as a trusted and reliable toll manufacturing services provider in Canada.

As the toll manufacturing company we have no control over the finished products nor do we control the vendor who then uses their finished products based upon our raw materials and partially finished goods.

What Industries Could Benefit from toll Manufacturing?

Many times, things come down to cost. For companies who do not have a chemistry lab to develop their own solutions for cleaning securing a contract for the manufacturing aspect of their products saves them money. With only having to worry about the packaging and distribution of their products it saves on the cost of research and development of proven solutions. From our aspect, not having to worry about producing labels and packaging it is a savings for Wilson Chemical as well.

While any companies could benefit from a contract manufacturing situation, these are some the most common:

  • Product Distributors
  • Janitorial Retailers
  • Product Wholesalers
  • Buying groups
  • Large Resellers

At Wilson Chemical, we enjoy partnering with companies looking to outsource their chemical solution development with contract manufacturing. It is a win-win for both our company and your company.

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