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Understanding Neutral Cleaners and Why They’re Important

For decades, the only available cleaning products contained harmful chemicals. However, with growing consumer concerns, the chemical industry began to change. Although many companies still sell toxic cleaners, some decided to head in a different direction.

As a result, neutral cleaner manufacturers in Ontario are now easy to find. Here’s a deeper look into neutral cleaners and their benefits.

What’s a Neutral Cleaner?

Also referred to as “pH-neutral cleaners,“ these products have an accurate pH level between 6.5 and 7.5. Respected manufacturers provide safe and practical solutions to the leading neutral cleaner suppliers. Because they don’t contain alkaline, private label companies can market them as “non-hazardous” cleaning products.

Unfortunately, some companies claim their products are “neutral” when their labels indicate that they contain one or more acids. The worse include phosphates, hydroxides, and silicates. For that reason, they’re not authentic pH-neutral products.

Do pH Neutral Products Make a Difference?

Yes, they do. In addition to the information provided regarding what’s a neutral cleaner, here are some key benefits of using them.


Harsh cleaners can wreak havoc on a host of surfaces. For example, if someone uses a product that contains acids on glass or porcelain, they can expect moderate to severe damage. The same applies when using toxic cleaners on terrazzo and stone. In addition, some solvents can destroy even quality plastics.

Because the products from pH-neutral suppliers don’t contain acids, they’re non-damaging. People can even use them on sensitive surfaces without worrying about negative consequences.

Incredibly Effective

Just because neutral cleaners don’t contain acids doesn’t mean they’re ineffective. Top-rated neutral cleaner manufacturers in Ontario create products that are not only safe but also effective. As a result, people can use them for indoor and outdoor jobs. In addition, these products are ideal for both home and business owners. For example, pH-neutral cleaners work amazingly to eliminate dirt, grime, and stubborn stains.

More Convenient

Compared to traditional options, pH-neutral products are more convenient. That’s because many of them work as all-purpose cleaners. So, you don’t have to get multiple bottles of different solutions for various surfaces. Although that helps everyone, it’s especially beneficial for owners of commercial cleaning companies.

Enhanced Safety

Lastly, pH-neutral products don’t release toxic fumes that pose health risks when inhaled. Also, if they come into contact with a person’s skin, they don’t irritate. Overall, products from reputable neutral cleaner suppliers are the safest to use.

Work with a Trusted Manufacturer of pH Neutral Cleaners

Here’s the key to providing your customers with excellent products. Work with a trusted neutral cleaners’ manufacturer in Ontario. That’s where Wilson Chemical can assist. The experts can customize cleansers that align with your goals as someone with a private-label business — Call Wilson’s Chemical Innovations Inc., today for personalized service.

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