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What Are the Chemical Components of Laundry Detergent?

When you’re looking for bulk detergent suppliers, think about the ingredients of laundry detergents. It’s essential to read the fine print before you make any investment.

Laundry detergents are cleaning agents containing various chemical substances. It’s a soap-free solution for cleaning floors, clothing, and many other surfaces. Like soaps, detergents contain anionic groups, non-ionic groups, and sodium salts.

When running a retail store, you should know what kind of detergent you supply to your customers. In this article, you can learn more about the chemical components in laundry detergents and their effects.

Types of Laundry Detergents

All laundry detergent manufacturers in Ontario market general-purpose laundry detergents. While some contain plant-sourced ingredients, others are petroleum-based. Laundry detergents are available in single-use, liquid, and powdered forms. They are quite effective at removing stains (oil, grease, and dirt).Here’s everything you need to know about laundry detergents that contain:

  • Alkaline substances – soluble salts with a base that reacts with an acid. This process is called neutralization. Such detergents remove dirt and stains from fabric without a hassle. They are good grease removers. They form an emulsion between oil and solid particles.
  • Surfactants -These chemicals are one of the major elements in cleaning agents. They break the bond of solid particles such as stains or dirt. As a result, the dirt suspends in the water, and you can remove particles that cannot dissolve in the water.
  • Anti-redepositing agents – They are additives that disperse dirt particles from the fabric. They can have CMC (carboxymethylcellulose), PVP (polyvinyl alcohol), or PEG (polyethylene glycol) composition.
  •  Plant-based formulas – These detergents are less toxic to the skin. They contain compounds that are safe for the environment. The ingredients include enzymes, such as protease, lipase, or cellulase.

Chemical Components in Laundry Detergents

Laundry detergents contain a chemical known as sodium dodecylbenzene sulfonate (C19H29NaO3S). This is a synthetic agent that cleans fabrics and operates like a surfactant. There are three types of detergents in the market:

  • Detergents with anionic particles
  • Detergents with catalytic ions
  • Detergents with non-ionic particles

Laundry detergents contain chemical compounds that have an amphipathic structure. While one compound is hydrophobic and repels water molecules, the other compound attracts and binds to it. This is an effective solution if you’re using hard water for cleaning.

As a result, the hydrophobic areas will attract solid particles and fat molecules present in the medium. The hydrophilic compound washes off the attracted particles. Besides this, detergents also contain sodium salts.

When dealing with bulk detergent suppliers, read the label to understand its composition. Check whether other ingredients are present, such as:

  • Ph modifiers present in the neutralization of acids and bases
  • Alternatives to bleach to improve the whiteness of the detergent
  • Water conditioning agents that soften the water texture
  • Foam preventing compounds and anti-microbial agents
  • Plant-based ingredients to produce floral fragrance

Choose the Right Detergent for Your Needs

When shopping for a fabric detergent, you’ll focus on fragrance and cost. You might not scan the ingredient list in detail. Always check which ingredients can trigger skin allergies.

With so many options in the market, you need a laundry detergent that meets your budget and cleaning requirements. Make a list of the top-rated detergent powder manufacturers in your area. If you’re looking for bulk detergent suppliers, give Wilson’s Chemical Innovations, Inc. a call.

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