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Which Laundry Detergent Works Best: Liquid, Powder, or Single Dose Pack?

Today, you’ll find store shelves lined with laundry detergents. That’s not only different brands but also formulas and delivery methods. It’s no wonder consumers get confused. One of the biggest questions people ask is – Which is better, liquid, powder, or single-use pack? If you ask detergent powder manufacturers, they say powder.

Making the Right Choice

As a private label company, you want to sell products. On the one hand, that means providing your customers with the types of laundry detergent preferred. On the other hand, you need to take the lead by understanding which is best to promote.

Just remember to list on the packaging if the product works for high-efficiency machines, whether a top or front loader.To help understand the differences between the three options, one of GTA’s most respected private label detergent manufacturers breaks it down.


Most companies that market themselves as detergent powder manufacturers also make liquid and single-use pack products. Of the three, powder detergents are the least expensive. So, if the goal is to provide your customers with a great product while keeping the price affordable, this might be the best route.


Just as with powder, companies that market themselves as liquid detergent manufacturers in Ontario usually offer the other two types. Ever since hitting stores in the mid-1950s, people began turning from powder to liquid. After all, this detergent is easy to use. In particular, consumers like liquid laundry detergent because they can use it for spot cleaning.

Compared to single-use packs, a liquid detergent is a more affordable option. The disadvantage is that water is the main ingredient in most liquid detergent products.

Single-Use Packs

However, to give consumers a convenient product, consider this. Sold by both detergent powder manufacturers and liquid detergent manufacturers in Ontario and other cities across Canada, single-use packs have become all the rage. An individual pops one into the washing machine, and that’s it – no spilling of powder and no measuring liquid. Even so, the best private label detergent manufacturers in the GTA point out one thing.

Yes, single-use packs almost make doing laundry fun. They’re incredibly convenient as is, but consumers can purchase them with fabric softener included. That means they spend less money by eliminating a product. The biggest concern is that a small child could mistake the pods for something other than laundry detergent.

Determine the Best Decision

At Wilson Chemical Innovations, Inc. we do things differently. You can consider us a leader among detergent powder manufacturers and liquid detergent manufacturers in Ontario and across Canada, creating single-use packs for private labels. To help you decide on the right product for your company, give us a call. We can customize a laundry detergent if wanted.

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