Chemical Blending

Who Would Need Chemical Blending Services and Why?

Chemical blending services offer clients a variety of cleaning and related products. Cleaning chemical manufacturers can assist businesses in creating various blends of. At Wilson Chemical Innovations, we deliver blending services for companies. We create unique and customized formulas in addition to providing the necessary production, packaging, and delivery.

Chemical Blending

A cleaning products manufacturer assists in blending different solutions and products to create a unique blend. Standard or unique blends can be formulated and catered to the client’s individual requirements. If your product requires certain certifications such as Leaping Bunny, Green and/or organic certifications we can include those chemical components.

Creating a Private Label

Cleaning chemical manufacturers not only assists in creating special chemical blends for clients but also provides private labelling. Wilson’s can take your existing labels and have them mounted to packaging or we can create new versions and/or logo’s.

Variety of Chemical Solutions

Chemicals are blended to create different solutions based on clients’ needs. Common blends include a variety of cleaning chemicals such as: hand soaps, shampoos, laundry detergents, dish detergents, kitchen cleaners, car washes etc.

Why Blend Products

The advantage of custom blending or white labelling are immense. Our services eliminate the clients needs to produce and package their brands. We can work with your requirement through the entire process to ensure a quality competitively priced solution for your organization.

Professional Tools

Our varied blending equipment allows a great deal of flexibility in our product production which can be a benefit to our clients.

Wilson Chemical Innovations

Wilson Chemical Innovations Inc. is located in Ontario, Canada. Our track record includes 12 years of formulation, blending and production for a variety of products and customers. With our friendly and creative team we will persistently work to build your quality products, and provide superior customer service.

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