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Why Businesses Should Purchase pH Neutral Cleaning Products

Most people use ordinary products to clean commercial spaces every day. Whether an office, call center, or production facility, they go about this task without considering the harsh chemicals the cleaning product contains. If they only knew, they’d quickly switch over to something made by a reputable neutral cleaner manufacturer.

Buying From a Neutral Cleaner Manufacturer in Ontario Makes More Sense

Especially for commercial buildings, it’s essential to buy a product that works, doesn’t cost a fortune, and one that’s safe for the cleaners, the employees working in the space and the environment. While that might seem like a far-fetched dream, it’s not. The proper neutral cleaner manufacturer offers cleaning solutions that get the job done without the risks.

Why Does the pH Level Matter?

For starters, pH is what measures the acidic and basic level of a solution. As the acronym for “potential of hydrogen,” this only measures in aqueous solutions. That includes any liquid solution that contains water. On a scale of 1 to 14, a pH level of greater than 7 shows a basic solution, whereas it’s acidic if it’s lesser than 7. A neutral cleaner manufacturer in Ontario locally makes pH-friendly products.

Selecting the Appropriate pH Level Cleaner

As far as commercial cleaners, the pH level of a product determines whether it would damage a specific type of surface. In other words, some textures need a basic pH product while others can handle a pH acidic product. Remember that the more acid or alkaline a cleaner has, the more it will produce harmful fumes and damage the environment.

Before buying any product from a neutral cleaner manufacturer in Ontario pay close attention to the chemicals used, as well as the pH level. The challenge is that not all manufacturing companies list the pH information on the label. That can make it hard to choose the right cleaner for the surface. 

The good news is that a pH basic product works well on all kinds of surfaces. That includes tables, floors, appliances, and countertops. They’re particularly beneficial when used to clean untreated surfaces like wood or natural stone. These cleaners even work on tile and grout without causing damage.

Buying From a Trusted Source

Rather than take a gamble on conventional commercial cleaners, Wilson’s Chemical Innovations Inc. has an impressive lineup of pH-neutral products. That means you never have to worry about damaging any surface and can feel confident the cleaner will do its job.

We can mix chemicals, customize them, and make them in large and small quantities, depending on your requirements. For more information, speak with a company representative today. As a leading neutral cleaner manufacturer serving the GTA and Southwestern Ontario, we won’t disappoint.

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