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Why It’s Recommended to Use a Neutral Disinfectant Cleaner

To achieve success, every business owner must make smart decisions. However, for your private label company, that’s even more important. After all, you face unique competition. So, always choose the right cleaning products for your targeted customers. In particular, talk to a trusted, neutral cleaners manufacturer in Ontario about the benefits of using a neutral disinfectant cleaning product.

Acidic Versus Alkali Cleaning Products

Industrial neutral cleaners manufacturers typically formulate both acidic and alkali products. Those in the acidic category fall within a range of 0 to 7, with 7 as a neutral number. Cleaners in the alkali category are in a range that starts with 7 and ends with 14. Again, 7 is a neutral number.

Leading private label neutral cleaners manufacturers in the GTA make products based on the intended application. As a perfect example, for general purpose and floor cleaning products, you want the manufacturer to use a neutral formula. It’s not so much about acidic versus alkali but rather the pH level.

The Importance of a Cleaning Product’s pH Level

The same range mentioned that goes from 0 to 14 is the pH scale. So, the number 7 represents water. The chemicals used by a neutral cleaners manufacturer in Ontario are either on the acidic or alkali side.

So, what does that mean? In simple terms, it means that industrial neutral cleaners manufacturers choose the appropriate pH level for the type of cleaning product. Overall, this scale indicates the number of hydrogen atoms that a chemical releases when mixed with water.

This matters because most private label neutral cleaners manufacturers in the GTA make concentrated formulas for their clients. Therefore, they know how a specific product will react once consumers mix it with water for home or commercial cleaning purposes.

Trusted the Right Source

When you meet with a representative from one of the best private label neutral cleaners manufacturers in the GTA, that individual will start by getting to know more about your business. In particular, they’ll want to understand the customers you target. Together, you’ll determine which cleaning products you want the manufacturer to make.

For customers in the restaurant business, you want to offer them a powerful degreaser. For this, the manufacturer would lean more on the alkali side while still keeping the formula neutral. If you focus more on daycare facilities and schools, a neutral cleaners manufacturer in Ontario will go more to the acidic side, again within the neutral range. That’s because acidic products work great to remove inorganic soil.

Allow Us to Formulate the Ideal Cleaning Products

As one of the most respected private label neutral cleaners manufacturers in the GTA, our team at Wilson’s Chemical Innovations, Inc. can assist. Give us a call to discuss the types of cleaning products you want to offer.

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